Joe’s Process:

This is my 24th year building and repairing drystone masonry installations. I first of all talk with prospective clients to discuss their project ideas. I also measure & photograph the site and assess a range of site characteristics and materials. Furthermore, I propose a budget. Once a client agrees on a budget, I design imagery of the project or build to an existing drawing. Finally, I  assemble a crew of qualified builders specific to each project and build it with them. I am certainly involved in all phases of hands-on construction. All drystone masonry installations I build use best known practices, as quantified by the Dry Stone Walling Association. 

My installations are built to last.

Stone Mason in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Evaluate

    Meet with client and assess the project

  • Design

    Creates or obtains a blueprint of the project

  • Build

    Construction begins and project is built to last


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Retaining Walls


Sitting Walls



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