Joe’s Process:

This is my 24th year building and repairing drystone masonry installations. I first of all talk with prospective clients to discuss their project ideas. I also measure & photograph the site and assess a range of site characteristics and materials. Furthermore, I propose a budget. Once a client agrees on a budget, I design imagery of the project or build to an existing drawing. Finally, I  assemble a crew of qualified builders specific to each project and build it with them. I am certainly involved in all phases of hands-on construction. All drystone masonry installations I build use best known practices, as quantified by the Dry Stone Walling Association  and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

My installations are built to last.

Stone Mason in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Evaluate

    Meet with client and assess the project

  • Design

    Creates or obtains a blueprint of the project

  • Build

    Construction begins and project is built to last


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Sitting Walls



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