Make Your Mark: Drystone Masonry Workshops

A drystone masonry workshop helps you safely learn the craft of building with stone. Drystone craftsman and educator, Joe Dinwiddie (aka Drystone Joe), teaches the science, art, and methodologies of drystone masonry. Learn how to design and build stone landscape features using best known practices in a one, two, or five-day drystone masonry workshop.  At the conclusion of Drystone Joe’s workshop, you will have built a beautiful & lasting stone installation. You will also learn the steps, tools, time, and budget you need to complete your own.

Joe has been a drystone craftsman since 1997. He earned his certification to teach drystone masonry from the Drystone Walling Association (DSWA) of Great Britain in 2001. In 2016, he re-certified as an instructor with the DSWA.  While a revival of drystone masonry was underway in central Kentucky, Joe earned his masters degree in vocational education from the University of Kentucky in 2001. Furthermore, Joe earned two levels of certification from the DSWA in drystone masonry construction. He wrote a manual on the craft, Drystone Masonry, in 2018. As a result of leading artist residencies in K-12 schools, he designed and patented a 3-dimensional arch puzzle to teach the basics of stonemasonry to all ages and learning styles. Joe has led twenty years of drystone masonry workshops with diverse populations and settings.

Join us . . . Make Your Mark.

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