Stonemasonry Resources:

These are some of my suggested stonemasonry resources. They are the books, magazines, videos, and organizations I find the most helpful in learning about stonemasonry.

Books are listed by author and title with a link to them on Amazon. The manual Dry Stone Walling: A Practical Handbook is available in the U.S. from The Stone Trust. It is also available in Europe from the Dry Stone Walling Association.

A stonemasonry magazine I suggest is Stonexus.

DVD’s are listed by title with a link to their North American format site. Other formats are available in England from the Dry Stone Walling Association.

My videos are linked to the Drystone Joe YouTube channel.

Stonemasonry organizations are listed by their name with their website link.

Dan Snow, Listening to StoneStonemasonry Book Titles and Amazon Links:

Ken Taylor: Celestial Geometry

Dan Snow: Listening to Stone

Dan Snow: In the Company of Stone

Andy Goldsworthy: Stone

 Andy Goldsworthy: Wall

Andy Goldsworthy: The Andy Goldsworthy Project

Andy Goldsworthy: Arch

Jane Gitlin: Fireplaces: A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces and Stoves

Mariana Cook: Stone Walls: Personal Boundaries

Edward Burtynsky: Quarries

Martin Brennan: The Stones of Time: Calendars, Sundials, and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland

William Hubbell: Good Fences: A Pictorial History of New England’s Stone Walls

Alex Patterson: Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols

Lew French: Stone By Design

Carolyn Murray-Wooley and Karl Raitz: Rock Fences of the Bluegrass

Jean Clottes: World Rock Art

David Corio & Lai Ngan Corio: Megaliths

UNESCO: World Heritage Sites: A Complete Guide

Anna Sofaer: Chaco Astronomy

David Reed: The Complete Guide to Stonescaping

Richard Tufnell: Building and Repairing Kentucky Rock Fences

Alan Brooks and Sean Adcock: Dry Stone Walling

John Shaw Remington: How To Build Dry-Stacked Stone Walls

Stonemasonry DVD Titles and Links:

Stone Rising: The World of Dan Snow

Andy Goldsworthy Rivers & Tides

The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

Drystone Joe Stonemasonry Video Links:

DIY Drystone Retaining Wall, Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina

How to Build An Arch Claymation

How to Repair Stone Patios, Walkways, and Landings

Joe Dinwiddie: Education, Education, Education

Organizations with Stonemasonry Resources and Links:

Dry Stone Walling Association

Stone Foundation

Trow & Holden

American Society of Landscape Architects

World Heritage Sites

The Stone Trust

Drystone Joe