Joe’s Stonemasonry Construction Process:

Stonemasonry has been my career since 1997. I design, restore, and build a wide range of mortared stonemasonry and dry stonemasonry features using best-known practices for durable, safe, long-lasting, attractive stonework.

This portfolio of stonemasonry installations and restorations reflects work that I have designed, built, and photographed since I began my own business in 2003. As of this writing, these are my 100 Greatest Hits! from my first 20 years. The work reflects the methods I learned during seven years of apprenticing with master stonemasons in Kentucky. In addition, these photos also reflect changes and evolution in the styles of stonework I do. One of the distinctive characteristics of my stonework is that I align my stone landscape installations with cardinal directions, lunar cycle, and solar cycle in as many ways possible.

In considering potential projects, I first talk with prospective clients to discuss their ideas, look at images of stonemasonry including colors and sizes of stone, and envision a timeline. Then, I measure and photograph the site and assess a range of site characteristics such as access, utilities, function, view, etc. Next, I propose a budget.

Once a client agrees on a budget, I design imagery of the project or build to an existing drawing provided by landscape architects, architects, engineers, or landscape designers.

Finally, I  assemble a crew of qualified builders specific to each project and build it with them. I remain involved in all phases of hands-on construction. All stonemasonry installations I build use best known practices, as quantified by the Dry Stone Walling Association and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

My installations are built to last.

  • Evaluate

    Meet with client and assess the project

  • Design

    Creates or obtains a blueprint of the project

  • Build

    Construction begins and project is built to last


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Stepped Patio, North Carolina 2008

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