• Stone Patio with Compass Rose, North Carolina 2019

    This sandstone patio has a compass rose with my logo carved in its center

  • Stone Sitting Wall with Compass Rose Patio and Water Feature, New Mexico 2020

    This Santa Fe stonemasonry project features an opening at the bottom center of the sitting wall aligned with the equinox sunset.

  • Stone Classroom, New Mexico 2022

    This outdoor classroom is embedded with many subtle markings of cardinal directions, lunar cycle, and solar cycle. It also features a resonant sound chamber centered on the stone circle in the concrete patio.

  • Stonemasonry Workshop in North Carolina, 2017

    This week long stonemasonry workshop at Penland School of Crafts included reconstruction of a retaining wall, steps, and landing.

  • Artist Residency Carving Cardinal Directions, North Carolina 2015

    5th grade students designed and carved the cardinal directions onto a granite boulder placed in front of their school

Santa Fe, NM Stonemasonry and Workshops

Santa Fe, NM stonemasonry and workshops. My mission is to empower & inspire others by teaching globally-informed stonemasonry techniques, to share images of stone and structures built with it, and to leave a legacy of durable, creative stone installations which mark cardinal directions, lunar cycle, and solar cycle. I leave a mark on stone history by helping others make theirs.


 Stonemasonry Workshops

Drystone Joe gives online presentations, hands-on workshops, and also artist residencies in schools and colleges. These range from 30-minute presentations to month-long  residencies. All ages are engaged learning international stonemasonry standards. Host sites gain new or restored stonework as a result.


Stonemasonry Construction

Drystone Joe designs, builds, and restores stonemasonry projects. He has designed, built, and restored stone features in Washington State, California, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, New York, West Virginia, and Vermont.


“Thanks for a great lesson and also the engaging puzzle activity this morning. The kids certainly enjoyed their first day with you. We look forward to having Drystone Joe here tomorrow!”


“First of all, the balance of theory and practice was perfect! The workshop was  engaging from start to finish. It was also a good value for the cost and time.”


“The notecards are stunning images of your stonework. The textured paper is also perfect for them. They look and feel like soft stone surfaces.”


“Joe did a great job re-using our existing stone. His choice of new capstones also made for a great sitting wall. As a result, our whole family and our cat enjoys it.”