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Stonemasonry Artist Residencies:

I lead artist residencies in K-12 schools, using stonemasonry to explore math, science, art, social studies, and language arts. I create lesson plans specific to the needs of students and teachers. Students, staff, and I build permanent educational stonework on school grounds while I am in residence. I earned my teacher license for grades 6-12 social studies at the University of North Carolina in 2011. I earned my bachelors degree in Appalachian studies at Berea College in 1999.

Stonemasonry Vocational Training:

Another education I provide is vocational training. Landscape architects and builders who want to learn best practices in stonemasonry are my students. I develop educational plans for the skill levels and goals of learners. These classes I teach online, at community colleges, technical schools, and while on project sites. I earned my master’s degree in vocational education at the University of Kentucky in 2001.

Stonemasonry DIY Workshops:

I offer stonemasonry workshops at non-profit sites so we may repair or build new stonework. Most workshops are fee-based. As a result, learners pay for instruction and materials. 10 learners in a workshop is best due to space. Workshops range from 1 day to 2 weeks. I earned instructor certification from the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) in 2001. In 2017, I completed DSWA instructor recertification at The Stone Trust in Vermont.

Stonemasonry Videos:

My Youtube videos are another way I teach.  Watch a short DIY video about how to build a drystone retaining wall, or how to repair stonemasonry flat work. Students of mine also made a funny, animated DIY video on drystone arch construction.

Drystone Masonry Manual:

In 2019, I completed a manual about drystone masonry. It covers stone types, building methods, types and use of tools, specific projects, estimating, safety, and more. I sell it at my workshops, artist residencies, presentations, online, and also booth events.

Stonemasonry Resources:

Finally, I suggest you look at books, magazines, videos and more on my list of stonemasonry resources.

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